Thursday, November 08, 2007

But when the shoe is on the other foot . . .

Here's a comment by Ben Bayit from this post on the ADDeRabbi's blog:

“I work in a place that has lots of these [Chareidi, fervently Orthodox] women. not impressed. in not speaking to any male co-workers - not even a good morning - I think they cross the line from tzniut [modesty] issues and move into yehura [arrogance?] and anti-social behavior. . . .
ben bayit Homepage 11.08.07 - 6:00 am #

"What I find interesting about your comment, Ben Bayit, is that some people wouldn't say the same of men who duck out the back door of the shul to avoid talking to women. How come people don't accuse *them* of yehura [arrogance?]? Why is it considered perfectly acceptable, even commendable, in some circles for *men* to be anti-social? You must have read either my mind or my blog--I posted just last week about the (unintended?) consequences of "extreme tzniut.". . .
Shira Salamone Homepage 11.08.07 - 12:15 pm #

I've heard a similar argument in another context: A man who wears a tallit and tefillin is considering to be fulfilling a mitzvah (divine commandment), while, in some circles, a woman who wears a tallit and tefillin is considering to be committing an act of yehura (religious arrogance).

As you may have guessed, I object vehemently to such double standards.

Update, from comments to that same post:

shira - I agree with you - I was writing about the workplace - in charedi circles men are a scarce specimen in the work place.........
ben bayit Homepage 11.12.07 - 2:46 am #

Oy. That's another whole post. :(
Shira Salamone Homepage 11.13.07 - 12:20 am #


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